Kayaking Pawtuckaway Lake – Pawtuckaway State Park – Neil’s Cove Launch – Nottingham, NH

WHY PADDLE HERE? – For exercise, relaxation, family fun or a fall foliage paddle.

THE PADDLING ROUTE – Once launching we headed out of Neil’s Cove and paddled left bypassing the main beach area and then circling around Horse Island.  We paddled south around the small islands on the southern end of the lake before heading to the main beach to take a break.  After our break we paddled into Mountain Cove for a bit and then paddled back to Neil’s Cove.

CAUTIONS! Rocks at and just below the waterline.  Motor boat traffic, especially on weekends and holidays.  Winds, as with any large body of water, don’t  paddle here on windy days.

LAUNCH & PARKING – Pawtuckaway State Park maintains a boat launch with a large parking lot at Neil’s Cove.  The launch itself is not paved, nor is the access way from the paved parking lot.

At the launch there is room to turn your trailer around if there are no other vehicles present at the time.  The launch area is wooded and mosquitos are a nuisance so don’t forget to pack bug spray.

Access to the launch is via the state park entrance.  You must pay the entrance fee to use the boat launch.

If you plan on camping in the park, try to reserve a waterfront site on Horse Island that you can launch your kayak from.  If you aren’t that lucky, don’t worry, there is an additional boat launch on Horse Island reserved for campers only.  For fees and other park information, Click Here.

RESTROOMS – YES! Restroom/Changing facilities are located at the main beach.  There are no restrooms at the boat launch but the main beach is just a few minutes paddle from the launch.

WHEN TO VISIT – Avoid summer weekends and holidays if you can.  Late afternoon paddlers experience much less crowds.  A fall foliage paddle here is pleasant.



DIRECTIONS – Click Here.


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