Kayaking Conway Lake – Center Conway, NH

WHY PADDLE HERE?For mountain scenery, exercise, relaxation, family fun or a fall foliage paddle.

THE PADDLING ROUTE  Today’s paddling goal was to enter the main body of water to enjoy the mountain views and paddle along the eastern shoreline.  The boat launch is located at the end of a finger and to enter the main body of the lake you must paddle out of the finger.  Once leaving the boat launch, paddle straight bypassing an additional finger located on the left not far from the launch.  Continued paddling following the shoreline.  As the course turns right paddle along the left shoreline.  Shortly, you will see mountains in the distance and you will be entering the main area of the lake.  Turn left to paddle along the eastern shoreline.  Conway Lake is large with many coves, fingers and islands to explore however the lake is heavily developed and the islands are privately owned.  Due to its size, Conway Lake is best paddled in multiple trips.  There is an additional boat launch located on the southern end of the lake in Eaton, NH.

Rocks and trees

CAUTIONS!  Watch out for rocks and fallen trees at and below the waterline.  Boat traffic can be heavy especially on summer weekends and holidays.  Winds and rapidly changing weather conditions can be a challenge.   As with any large body of water, I don’t recommend paddling here on windy days.

LAUNCH & PARKING – The Town of Conway, NH maintains a public boat launch located on Mill St. in Center Conway, NH.   A parking lot for vehicles and trailers is located diagonally across the street from the boat launch.  The boat launch itself is small and has room for only one trailer or vehicle at a time.  Access to the ramp is located at the edge of the street and street traffic must stop when vehicles with trailers start to back down the ramp.  On weekends and holidays you may find vehicles, with or without trailers, lined up on the side of the roadway waiting their turn to back down the street to the boat ramp.  Do not bring you kayak trailer here if you are not completely comfortable backing without a turnaround area.  There is no fee to park or launch.    2021 UPDATE – THE PARKING LOT IS NOW PERMITED PARKING FOR CONWAY RESIDENTS ONLY.  NON-RESIDENTS CAN DROP THEIR KAYAKS AT THE PUBLIC LAUNCH THEN PARK IN THE  PINE TREE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PARKING LOT LOCATED  ABOUT 0.4 MILES FROM THE LAUNCH. 

RESTROOMS  YES, there are portable toilets located in the parking lot across the street from the boat launch.

WHEN TO VISIT –  Avoid weekends and holidays if you can.  As with any tourist area, the parking lot fills up fast and there will be a waiting line to access the boat launch area.  A fall foliage paddle on Conway Lake is particularly beautiful with its mountain views.

NH FISH & GAME MAP – Click Here.

DIRECTIONS – Click Here.


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